Chandigarh University MMS, CU Viral Video Leak 60 Girls News

Chandigarh University Viral Video, Check CU Chandigarh MMS News of 60 girls suicide attempt: As we know, a very horrifying case was registered in Chandigarh in which a Girl Shared the Videos of more than 60 Girls having Bath in their Hostel Washroom. This incident shook the nation as the Girls are not feeling safe in Hostels also. According to Reports, the Student of Chandigarh University is having an affair with a boy from Shimla and she recorded the Videos of Many girls having baths to share them with her Boyfriend or Friend. Many Students protested against this and University is now shut till Saturday. According to media Reports, 4 Girls also attempted suicide and are in critical condition at Mohali Hospital. The Chandigarh University MMS Leak Case has been registered with Punjab Police and so far 3 Arrests have been made.

1 Army Personal has been arrested by mohali police and is sent to judicial custody for blackmailing the girl to get the videos of more girls in this CU MMS Viral Video Case.

Boy from Shimla is also picked up by Police along with his friend. FIR under IT Act has been filed by Police and accused are on remand for 7 Days for further investigation. Here in this post, you can find Chandigarh University Viral Video Link and CU 60 Girls Leaked MMS Case News. All the updates related to this case will be delivered on this page for the reference of our readers. Till Now, no one is having Chandigarh University Viral Video Original and we request all of you to stop sharing it. The Chandigarh University Video Scandal News is now available on all platforms and you can check accurate information over here on this page.

Chandigarh University MMS Leak

जैसे की आप सभी जानते हैं की चंडीगढ़ यूनिवर्सिटी में हाल ही में दिल दहला देने वाली घटना सामने आयी है जिसमे की एक लड़की द्वारा अपने साथ रहने वाली 60 से ज्यादा महिला छात्रों की वीडियो लीक की गयी है| सभी छात्राओं में रोष है और उनके द्वारा लगातार प्रोटेस्ट किया जा रहा है, सूत्रों की माने तो अभी तक Chandigarh University MMS Leak Case में अभी तक 3 गिरफ्तारियां की जा चुकी है| सभी अरेस्ट किये गए लोगो की कोर्ट द्वारा 7 दिन की पुलिस रिमांड दी गयी है| पूछताछ में पता चला है की ये छात्रा को लड़के द्वारा ब्लैकमेल किया जाता था बाकी लड़कियों के कॉमन वाशरूम की पिक्चर और वीडियोस भेजने के लिए| अभी आज की खबर सामने आयी है की पुलिस को लड़की के मोबाइल से 12 और आपत्तिजनक वीडियो मिले हैं जिनकी जाँच की जा रही है| जैसे ही Chandigarh University Viral Video Scandal की जांच आगे बढ़ेगी हम आपको उसकी हर जानकारी देते रहेंगे| इस पोस्ट में आपको Chandigarh University Video Original की सारी जानकारी मिल जाएगी| 

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Chandigarh University Girls Viral Video

Incident NameChandigarh University 60 Girls Leaked video
AccusedStudent of CU and her Boyfriend from Shimla
Total Victims60+ Students of CU
CrimeA Girl Recorded Naked Videos of 60 Girls in Bathroom and Shared them with her Boyfriend
Location of IncidentCU Hostel, Mohali
Investigating AgencyPunjab Police
Total Arrests till now4 People
Demand of StudentsJustice with Victims and Secure Environment in University
Type of PostNews

As we know, recently the Chandigarh University Girls Viral Video Case has surfaced up and shook the nation. According to Reports, Boyfriend of the Student viralled these videos on the Internet and blackmailed the Girl. As we can see in Investigation, 4 Accused have been arrested by Punjab Police from various locations and their inquiry is being done by Police Officials. Female Police Officers are doing investigations from Girls whereas other officers are doing investigations of Mobile and Gadgets involved in it.

Chandigarh University MMS Leak, CU 60 Girls Viral Video

Chandigarh University MMS Leak Case News

  • 4 Accused Persons have been detained so far by Punjab Police with relation to Chandigarh University MMS Leak Case.
  • Mobile and Laptops of accused people have been sent to forensic lab by Punjab Police.
  • Total 12 Clips have been recovered so far from the Mobile Phone of Accused.
  • Moreover, WhatsApp Chats have also been recovered between Girl and her Boyfriend.
  • Upcoming news and developments related to this case will be delivered here on this page.

CU 60 Girls Leaked MMS Scandal

  • Recently, a Chandigarh University Student was arrested for making naked Videos of 60 Girls in their Hostel.
  • News of the CU 60 Girls Leaked MMS Scandal Spread like wildfire in India and Protests started in various parts against it.
  • Authorities have confirmed again and again that Investigation will be done and Justice will be delivered at earliest.
  • Leaked MMS of all the Girls were discovered by Students on the Internet and they Registered Complaint against it.
  • All the Updates regarding it will be delivered online on this page for your reference.

Chandigarh University Viral Video Original

The Original Chandigarh University Viral Video is withheld by Police now and all the students are now satisfied by authorities that their videos if found online will be removed. According to sources, nearly 60 Videos have been leaked by Girl in which other students were bathing in the common washroom. The CU Video Scandal is now the heartbreaking news on which whole country is having eyes now. Now all the girls are demanding justice from authorities and demanding strict punishment for the accused. Today one more person has been arrested by Punjab Police from Mohali who is having links with this case. Check out the Chandigarh University Viral Video Original Link in the section given below and then get to know about the case.

Chandigarh University Viral Video Link


Queries on Chandigarh University MMS Leak

How Many People are arrested by Punjab Police in Relation with Chandigarh University MMS Leak?

Till Now 4 People have been arrested by Punjab Police in connection with CU MMS Leak Case.

What is the Name of the Boy From Shimla Accused in Chandigarh University MMS Scandal?

The Name of Boy accused in this case is Sunny Mehta and he belongs to Shimla.

How to Find the Chandigarh University Viral Video Link?

Click on Link available above to check the CU MMS Leak Video.

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