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UP Election Result 2022 for MLA Uttar Pradesh Vidhan Sabha Seats is available here on sec.up.nic.in: The Election Commission of India announced Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly Election 2022 for all the constituencies in the State. All the Dates were announced by Commission and elections are scheduled to be conducted in various phases. First phase round is over on 12 February 2022 and final round which is phase 7 completed on March, 7. So we are here with complete information about UP Election Result Date 2022 is March 10, Party Wise Winning Seats and UP Election 2022 Phase 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Live Counting, MLA Seats and Sec.up.nic.in Result timing. CM Yogi is forming Government with full majority as per trends of UP Chunav Result 2022 at sec.up.nic.in. See the party wise leading seats in the images and section below.

Jharkhand Panchayat Election Result

UP Election Result 2022
UP Election result 2022

UP Election Result 2022

जैसे की आप सभी जानते हैं की UP मैं इलेक्शन चल रहे हैं व् सभी पार्टिया अपनी पूरी ताकत जीतने के लिए झोंक रही है| उप मैं सबसे मजबूर पार्टी की बात करे तो बीजेपी, कांग्रेस और समाजवादी पार्टी सबसे बड़ा दल के रूप मैं उभरे है| इस पोस्ट मैं आप UP Election Result की जानकारी प्राप्त कर सकते हैं व् अगले बनने वाले मुख्यमंत्री की जानकारी प्राप्त कर सकते हैं| अगर हम आपको बताये तो समाजवादी पार्टी का इस बार सरकार बनाने का पूरा दावा है व् लोगो की राये माने तो इस बार सभी लोग बदलाव चाहते हैं| 10 से ज्यादा पार्टी इस इलेक्शन में भाग ले रही है व् अपनी किस्मत आजमा रे हैं| हमने आपके लिए हर डिस्ट्रिक्ट के जितने वाले उमीदवार का नाम बताया है व् आने वाले CM के बारे मैं भी डिसकस किया है|

UP Election Result 2022 Live Trends

  • Currently BJP is leading by 272 Seats in Uttar Pradesh.
  • गौतम बुध नगर की तीनों विधानसभाओं पर बीजेपी आगे|
  • BJP is leading on 55+ Seats and SP is leading on 42+ Seats in Uttar Pradesh.
  • Jhansi and Babina Seats are being leaded by BJP Candidates.
  • Now BJP is leading in more than 70 Seats from Uttar Pradesh.
  • SP is leading on more than 64 Seats in Uttar Pradesh.
  • BSP is leading on 2 Seats.
  • Saharanpur and Devband seats are being leaded by BJP only.
  • Keshav Prasad Maurya is leading from Sirathu Seat in UP.
  • As per latest trends, BJP is leading in Uttar Pradesh at more than 70 Seats.
  • SP is now leading in more than 65 Seats.
  • BJP is now leading in more than 150 Seats in State.
  • As per latest updates CM Yogi is winning with huge margin in Uttar Pradesh and can form Government with absolute majority.
  • Akhilesh Yadav is winning from his constituency.
  • Tourism Minister is trailing from Varanasi South.
  • Keshav Prasad Maurya is leading from Sirathu Seat.
  • सरोजिनी नगर से सपा प्रत्याशी अभिषेक मिश्रा 1106 वोटों से आगे|
  • मोहनलाल गंज से सपा प्रत्याशी सुशीला सरोज 671 वोटो से आगे|
  • अयोध्या की गोसाईगंज विधानसभा सीट से सपा प्रत्याशी अभय सिंह 2600 वोटों से आगे
UP Assembly Election Result
UP Election Result 2022, (MLA) Seat Wise @ sec.up.nic.in
UP Election Result Live Update
Total PhasesDate of PollTotal Constituencies
1st PhaseFebruary, 1058 Constituencies
2nd PhaseFebruary, 1455 Constituencies
3rd PhaseFebruary, 2059 Constituencies
4th PhaseFebruary, 2360 Constituencies
5th PhaseFebruary, 2760 Constituencies
6th PhaseMarch, 357 Constituencies
7th PhaseMarch, 754 Constituencies
UP Assembly Election ResultMarch, 10403 Constituencies

UP Election Result Date 2022

Conducting BodyElection Commission of India
Election NameUP Legislative Election 2022
Phase 1 Election Dates10 February 2022
UP Election 2022 Date Phase 214 February 2022
UP Election Phase 3 Election Date20 February 2022
Phase 4 Election Date23 February 2022
Phase 5 Election Date27 February 2022
Phase 6 3 March 2022
Phase 77 March 2022
UP Election 2022 Result Date10 March 2022
sec.up.nic.in Result ModeLive @ sec.up.nic.in
Post TypeUttar Pradesh Elections
UP Election Result Portalsec.up.nic.in on Sarkari Result

Vidhan Sabha Chunav Result 2022

Moreover, as we know currently BJP is ruling in Uttar Pradesh and currently, Samajwadi Party is being seen as its biggest opponent in elections this year. So we suggest you to see this post till the end for complete information on UP Government Formation and Election Result. Also discuss in comments who will be the next CM of UP ?

See the complete UP Election Result 2022 Date in the section above. Moreover, you can check UP Phase Wise Election Date and then further check uttar pradesh election Result on 10th March 2022. We suggest you see Party Wise Winning Seats in the section below.

Uttar Pradesh Election Party Wise Seats Result 2022 @ sec.up.nic.in

Party NameUP Election Result Party Wise
Samajwadi Party (SP)111+
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)235+
Indian National Congress (INC)3+
Rashtriya Lok Dal (RJD)
Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP)
Apna Dal
Independent Candidates

Uttar Pradesh Election Opinion Poll 2022 at sec.up.nic.in

  • As per Public Opinion Poll of ABP C Voter NDA or we can say BJP is in majority with more than 200 Seats.
  • Samajwadi Party can give strong competition to NDA as the second major party as per opinion poll.
  • Indian National Congress can get 60-80 Seats as per Opinion Poll.
  • Moreover, As per opinion poll BJP is going to make the next CM of UP State.
  • Above all, we have to wait for the final UP Election 2022 Result to check the winning party.

UP Election 2022 Result District Wise

District NameUP Election Result 2022 Winning Candidates
Gautam BudhNagar
Kanpur Dehat
Kanpur Nagar
Lakhimpur Kheri
Rae Bareli
GorakhpurYogi Adityanath

Steps to Check Uttar Pradesh Election Result 2022 Live Counting

  • Visit eci.gov.in.
  • Secondly Click on UP Election Result 2022.
  • Thirdly, choose your Constituency and see the winning Candidates.
  • Moreover, you can find the whole result party wise on the same page of the Election Commission Portal.
  • Finally, in this way you can check the Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election result 2022.

UP Assembly Election Result 2022 Prediction at sec.up.nic.in

As per various predictions on UP Assembly Election Result 2022, we are here with few points which are discussed below.

  • BJP can win UP Election Result 2022 as per predictions of various known personalities in India.
  • Samajwadi Party can be the strongest opposition in this UP Election 2022.
  • Indian National Congress will gain support in a huge area but will not be able to form a Government.
  • BJP and its alliance can take more than 200 Seats out of total 403 Seats.
  • So these are some of the UP Election Result 2022 Predictions.

Queries on UP Election Result 2022, Live Counting On sec.up.nic.in

Who is going to be the next CM of Uttar Pradesh?

Winning Party will form the Government and BJP or SP can be the majority winning Party this year. So the next CM is going to be either Yogi Adityanath or Akhilesh Yadav.

What is the UP Election 2022 Result Date?

UP Election Results are going to be announced on 10 March 2022.

How to Check District Wise Winner in UP Election Result 2022?

You can see this post to see constituency wise winner of all 403 Seats in Uttar Pradesh.

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  1. I really fail to under why the state election process has to be conducted in 7 phases spanning over a month . This is ridiculous! One can understand general election s for Loksabha happening in phases . But is election commission not capable of holding one state elections in maximum two phases ? Not so long time back and with out voting machines this was being done . Now why 7 ridiculous phases of associated campaign s and mud slinging and loss of productive time .. ??

  2. Dr.Ashok Kumar Jain

    Conducting election in 7 phases is really ridiculous but keeping in view the behaviour and conduct of political parties ,it is some what like unavoidable evil…..
    Majorly the regional parties play (comparatively) mischieviously in the name of democracy……
    But still the democratic frame of the nation is intact and getting stronger and stronger gradually.
    There are some more expectations from the media to be more constructive in nation building.


      Yes, you are right.
      We have witnessed how the West Bengal elections dramatically turned up in the last phase of polling. This type of mistuous and faul behavior of opposition political parties is harmful to the biggest democratic nation of India. And we can also suspect present ( last 2 months ) scenerio in some states is also, showing mistuous games with involvement opposition parties. Voters are also should counter attack to such mistuous and evil minded opposition parties, to save our nation and to save future generations.
      Save Nation. Bharath Martha ki Jai.

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